Wednesday, 9 July 2008

WATCH - When we say 'The whole cake,' we mean, 'The whole cake'

It just gets better and better. Read this last paragraph from the WATCH (Women And The Church) press release following the 7/7 vote in Synod:

[...] Earlier this year, over 1,300 clergywomen signed a statement which was sent to all bishops in the Church of England, declaring that they wished the Church to proceed on a basis of trust and not law: that arrangements for those opposed to women bishops should be managed by the local diocesan bishop, be they male or female as is the case in the fifteen provinces which have already agreed to consecrate women to the episcopate. If such arrangements were enshrined in law then their response would be “thanks but no thanks”. It is to be hoped that the Statutory National Code of Practice requested by General Synod will reflect these concerns. Read more

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