Monday, 28 July 2008

On the Windsor Continuation Group

I have just had a brief look at reports about the report of the Windsor Continuation Group to the Lambeth Conference.

The important thing is to put this in perspective — going right back through all the Primates' meetings at Dar es Salaam, Dromantine and so on, to the very last Lambeth Conference and the American response to that, and then projecting forward from what has been happening to what will therefore most likely happen in the future.

Then consider the Group's proposal that disaffected (or, if you will, traditionalist and faithful) dioceses and parishes in North America should be put in a kind of safe 'holding pen', isolated from outside interventions (or, to put it another way, sat on the 'naughty step' without help) until they are ready to return to their revisionist parent bodies.

As a response to what has been happening, this is beyond the realms of self-delusion into 'La La Land'.

The only phrase I can think of to describe it is, 'as much use as a chocolate ladder at a house fire'.

The sooner this whole farce comes to an end, the better for all concerned.

John Richardson

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  1. Thank you, John. As a Yank, I sometimes worry that I'm just not understanding the Brit way of doing things. Maybe my perceptions of Lambeth are missing something.

    But "chocolate ladder at a house fire" is abundantly clear and I feel like my perceptions are - uh, ummm - "spot on."

    Thanks for the help.

    Timothy Fountain
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

  2. Absolutely.

    This whole cycle of "Windsor Continuation Group" talking points that has got the media (always in search of a story) so worked up is really nothing more than more of the same. SSDD.

    I compared the latest WCG offering with what the (presumably much more authoritative) primates' council proposed -- and agreed to -- in 2007. Not only is the WCG proposal (one which won't even be submitted to the ABC until May of next year, at the earliest) basically the same thing warmed over... it's the same thing watered down and warmed over!

    Analysis HERE.