Sunday, 8 June 2008

Looking for the Ugley? Nothing to see here!

Just before heading off to church, I can't resist a short note about some of the odd searches that bring people to this blog.

Thanks to 'Sitemeter', I can not only see how many visits the site has had, but how some of them got here (the so-called 'referring URL').

Sometimes this is a result of Google searches, and you can actually see the search term. Often it is simply for this blog: "Ugley vicar". At other times, it is for theological or news-related purposes. But not always.

So, for those who are looking for "ugley people" or "ugley girls", there's nothing to see here. Try dropping the "e" and you might get lucky, though goodness knows why you would want to.

As to the person who got here looking for "ugley nigges", I think I know what you're after, but really ... what would Jesus think?

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