Wednesday, 21 May 2008

An Ugley slur

I am pleased to note that an article in The Independent on 'Britain's Rudest Place Names' includes the village of Ugley. Unfortunately, it repeats the calumny that "The Ugley Women's Institute grew so tired of the juvenile jibes that they changed its name to the Women's Institute of Ugley." That is not true. It is the Ugley Women's Institute, and I have a copy of the programme to prove it.

We also have, in addition to the Ugley Farmers' Market noted in the article, the Ugley Little Fishes group, for pre-school children.

Revd John P Richardson
21 May 2008

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  1. I have ssome empathy to burden of Ugley.

    I was born and raised in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. They're an interesting lot who've come up with their own set of village names. (I'll dispense with those names lest the Vicar be required to place a 15 certificate on the blog...)


    Andy Terry
    Stafford on Potomac