Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Good news about house prices!

My local garage is selling petrol at £1.12 a litre. A year ago the £1 litre seemed like a watershed, past which prices could clearly go anywhere except down again, (and probably will). Meanwhile, the price of bread is going up because the price of wheat has risen and the price of wine and beer have gone up because of increased taxation (though, like they used to do with cigarettes, not enough to make anyone seriously consider giving up - after all, what is the point of taxing that which no-one buys?).

There is, however, one bit of good news. The price of housing in the UK is falling.

Or am I missing something here? Some commentators are treating this news as if it were the harbinger of doom, whereas I thought we all needed a roof over our heads, as well as food to eat. Surely a cheaper house is as welcome as a cheaper loaf? Yet I read a day or two ago of a part of the country being promoted as a great 'boom' area to be in because house prices are still high. Remind me to put 'really expensive food' on my list of things to look out for when I'm thinking about where I'd really like to live.

Revd John Richardson
8 April 2008

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  1. Isn't there a problem with house prices going down coupled with cost of mortgage going up. So you end up spending more for something worth less.

    But cheaper houses = good by itself, it means people can borrow what they can afford when buying anything bigger than a shed.

    Darren Moore (Tranmere)

  2. Good Morning Vicar,
    We too are seeing the price of homes falling back to more sane prices while to price of petrol is off the map, though we're not feeling the pinch to the level you are. Soon, it'll be cheaper to fuel your auto with ale, bodingtons I suppose...

    Andy Terry