Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Debt Disaster: "Poo, meet fan. Fan, meet poo."

Lord, who may abide in your tent? Who may dwell on your holy hill? ... Those who do not lend money at interest, and do not take a bribe against the innocent. (Ps 15:1,5)

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"Central banks are trying to calm jitters by pouring billions of dollars into money markets to increase liquidity. Last week another $200 billion was dropped into the system. That was quickly swallowed up amidst screams for yet more emergency injections. Debt junkies, like heroin addicts, demand ever bigger fixes."

[...] For too long, those who warned that the borrowing bubble would burst with terrible consequences were dismissed as congenital gloomsters. Greedy lenders, their irresponsible customers and incompetent ministers formed an unholy alliance to perpetuate a myth: that consumers, companies and governments could keep spending more than they earned and suffer no penalty.

We heard new and intriguing justifications for excess. Banks seemed able to acquire rubbish and recycle it as triple-A securities. It was a sophisticated version of the second-hand shop that advertises: "We buy unwanted junk and sell valuable antiques." Instruments of financial leverage became so complicated that even those trading them did not fully understand how the system worked. All they cared about was the potency of magic that enabled welfare claimants to borrow five or six times the income they were not earning and still make the numbers add up.

So clever were the designers of this wizardry that, though it failed the common sense test, they were able to fool supervisors, credit committees, external auditors, shareholders and regulators - even themselves! Disbelief was suspended by all concerned. Read more

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  1. G'day Vicar,
    Though my father was an ecconomist, I only took the requisite eccomony courses required to graduate. This said, it dosen't take an ecconomics degree to see that the Government is taking a dangerous course of action to stave off this uncertanty. The Fed's dumping of 200+ Billion dollars will have the same effect as one who is trying to put out a refinery fire with petrol.
    I fear that once the fecal matter reaches the fan, massive deflation will ensue.

    Best of Days,

    A. Terry