Wednesday, 13 February 2008

What Rowan Williams's remarks meant to Muslims

This from Channel 4 News, live at 7pm on Friday, 7th February, now on YouTube, is a few days old, and it may be argued that the interviewees had not understood what Rowan Williams was saying, but it gives an interesting insight into how he was being heard by some Muslims at the time.

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  1. (Oxford)

    Thanks for posting this John.

    This is presubambly the same Azzam Tamimi who is the UK spokesperson for Hamas, praises suicide bombers as martyrs, and calls Israel a cancer to be wiped off the face of the earth.
    The Institute of Islamic Political Thought is Dr Tamimi's personal creation.

    I thought that Baroness Warsi dealt with him extremely well, but the interview well sums up the serious error with RW's pronouncements. When you have Tamimi and Hizb-ut-Tahrir queuing up to defend your ideas against the voices of progressive Muslims, such as British Muslims for Secular Democracy, alarm bells ought to be ringing. Williams' apologists seem completely blind to the way his words have actually done great damage within the Muslim community, and have given succor to the most reactionary forces within it.

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  6. I was most impressed by Baroness Warsi's Line of reasoning and case against the adpotion of Sharia. Though the Baroness didn't explicitly express the thought, she did drive home the dangers extant in a "house divided", a thought once spoken by a certain American President, and a certain Saviour of Humanity.

    Biddings of Peace,
    A Terry
    Stafford (Sister-city to Staffordshire)

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