Friday, 18 January 2008

Pensioner arrested and locked in cell for shouting at yobs who threw stones at ducks

I used to run a section on the old Chelmsford Anglican Mainstream website called 'PC Plod', about the ridiculous things our police force (sorry, 'service' - hat tip to Hot Fuzz) get up to, until someone complained it was unhelpful to those clergy trying to work with the police. I have decided it is time to revive the tradition.

A pensioner who ordered a gang of youths to stop throwing bricks at ducks on a canal was arrested and thrown into a cell by police.

When police officers knocked on his door Bill Marshall, 73, was expecting them to investigate his complaints about the unruly gang.

Instead the stunned great-grandfather was hauled off to a police cell accused of attacking the youths on the canal bank. Read more
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