Monday, 7 January 2008

The Debt Disaster: Canterbury catches on

Nice to see more attention being given to this. I started blogging on this topic back in May. Do a search on this blog for 'debt' and 'interest' for other posts.

This link goes to my original article 'Losing Interest'.

This link now gives the CofE response.

January 7, 2008

Clergy told to counsel on ‘life and debt’ crisis

The Church of England is launching an unprecedented campaign of practical and spiritual help today for anyone in the grip of post-Christmas financial difficulties.

The “matter of life and debt” campaign draws on Bible texts and specially written prayers in an effort to give hope to those at the mercy of loan sharks, high-interest credit card repayments and other financial burdens.

The Church has disclosed to The Times that it is to offer guidance to all its clergy on giving debt advice from the pulpit and within community groups. It is also providing a ten-point debt checklist to help people to work out if they need assistance before it is too late. Read more

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