Sunday, 21 October 2007

A little sanity from the scientific establishment

(But not much - see my earlier post.)

A LEADING British scientist has criticised the Science Museum for banning a speech by Dr James Watson, the Nobel prize-winning geneticist, for suggesting that races might differ in intelligence.

Colin Blakemore, former chief executive of the Medical Research Council and now professor of neuroscience at Oxford University, described the decision as “outrageous”. Read more

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  1. I saw a report in the Independent that Richard Dawkins had much the same to say - judge the comments on the science not the politics.

    I can't help but think that part of the negative reaction to the comments comes from a secular world view that is equating intelligence with value. Start from the principle that our value comes from being made in the image of God and is inviolable and intelligence becomes a lot less significant.

    Shaun Clarkson, East Yorks