Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thank God for my PCC

Having just come in from a meeting of our Parochial Church Council, I just wanted to put on record something which might not be expected from a member of the clergy, which is that I thank God for my PCC.

Forget the 'Vicar of Dibley' caricature. A more godly and focused bunch of people would be hard to imagine. And yet there is nothing exceptional about them. We have a retired teacher, a music teacher, a city financier and his wife, a teaching assistant, a single lady who works at the airport, a cleaner, and me. Recently we lost a valued colleague. This is the first meeting we've had since he died, and we all miss him.

Most of our time was spent on two items. The first was repairs to the church, not because this is what we enjoy doing but because the church needs repairing. By the grace of God, we've got enough money to go ahead and the scaffolding goes up in a couple of weeks.

The other item was Back to Church Sunday, and this is where they were outstanding. On a good Sunday we might get 35 people in our little village church, yet here they were discussing things like it was the D-day invasion we were planning. Far from me having to chivvy them along, they took the initiative and ran with it.

So, once again, thank God for them. I'm very blessed.

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