Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Confused by rap?

OK, you probably don't listen to it that much, but have you ever been completely confused by the lyrics to rap music? If so, you can find help at raptranslations.com. For example, this translation of 8 Mile:

Ballin' Underground, Mike Jones. Who?
I will now proclaim my album’s title and my name by stating Ballin’ Underground, and Mike Jones.

My album, “Who Is Mike Jones?”, comin’ next baby. Spread the word. Call me up Watts.
Next I will remind listeners of my upcoming album, which is titled, “Who is Mike Jones?” I request that you notify others of its impending release. I also request D.J. Michael Watts to converse with me.

90, 90% grind, 10, 10% sleep. (x3) I grind so much that I hardly get sleep.
If my day’s schedule were broken into a pie chart totaling 100%, 90% of the chart would be devoted to grinding. A mere 10% would be devoted to the minimalist amount of sleep. To reinforce this fact, I will repeat it a total of 3 times during this song.


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