Saturday, 2 June 2007

Buy-to-Let: need for a moral debate?

[...] unless you work in the City, the only means to your dream is not daily graft but the life-changing, five-zeroed sums earned – if that is the appropriate word – from dealing in property. It is strange to reflect that a new rentier class of buy-to-let investors, an estimated 400,000 people, has been created under a Labour Government entirely without moral debate. Especially when all the while we are beseeched to consider the ethical consequences of our investments and purchasing decisions, from the regimes propped up by our building societies to the child labourers who stitch our T-shirts. Read more


  1. Errrm... are you sure you've given the right link there? What comes up for me is a blogger sign-in thing - and one that doesn't allow me to enter, even if I insert my blogger ID.

  2. Oops. Quite right. Think I've fixed it now.