Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday talks at Elsenham: The Crucified Creator

(4 talks, about 12 minutes each)

Why did God make the world?

Some might dismiss the question as unanswerable. Others might feel it to be almost blasphemous. If something caused God to create, then doesn’t this mean God is driven by needs or desires, just as we are? And doesn’t this suggest God is weak?

Yet the Bible seems quite clear that God created for a reason, not just on a whim. In Ephesians 1, for example, we see that God’s plans and purposes for the world are driven by the Father’s love for the Son. [...]

Yet how could our creation be an expression of the Father’s love for the Son, especially when the Son is going to have to enter into the world and die for those who have been created? We can see how God’s love would cause our salvation. How does it cause our creation?

The answer lies in the relationship between Christ, the church and the rest of creation [...]

[...] instead of the Son being alone, and instead of love being given and received only within the godhead, by our creation the Son is made the ‘first amongst many brothers’, and love is given outside the godhead to something which is not God, yet is able to respond perfectly to that love as something which is god-like.

Listen to Talk 1, Talk 2, Talk 3, Talk 4.

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