Saturday, 3 March 2007

These people are gay, and they're telling us

When I posted my article "But supposing I told you I was gay ..., one of my reasons was to challenge the silence in the Traditionalist wing of the Church. Now, I'm glad to say, two people have spoken out from this position at a fringe meeting at the Church of England's General Synod. There is still a way to go on this one, but in terms of what I had in mind, it's a start.

Post-gay testimonies at Synod fringe meeting

In the debates in Synod this week there were many stories of people in same-sex relations who were asking for inclusion as they were. Anglican Mainstream hosted a “fringe meeting” in which two people spoke of the transformation they had experienced in their sexual preferences at the foot of the Cross.

Rev Peter Ould and James Parker whose work involves engaging with people who have unwanted same-sex attractions spoke from their own experience of moving out of homosexual practice and attraction into a fuller identity in Christ, and answered questions. Such voices are often unheard in the current debates.

The meeting which was a contribution to the Anglican Communion Listening Process was chaired by the Venerable Michael Lawson, Archdeacon of Hampstead. Read more

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