Saturday, 20 January 2007

Why men hate going to church in England, too

Dave Murrow, the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church invited me to do a guest column for his "Church for Men" website. Here is his intro, and you can read the rest of the article if you follow the link:
Rev. John Richardson is an Anglican priest who has spent most of his pastorate ministering in a village by the name of Ugley. (John tells me the town is home to The Ugley Women’s Institute. Really.)

John is daily steeped in the feminine teapot of modern Anglicanism. After he read my book he felt inspired to write a guest column for the Church for Men newsletter and Web site. I’ve reprinted it here. Enjoy: Read the article on


  1. I've just read your article - excellent!

    I read Murrow's book last year and found his diagnosis thought-provoking, though his solutions were a bit "church-growthy" for my liking.

  2. John,
    this isn't totally 'on topic' but am curious about whether you've come across the work of Richard Rohr? He's a Franciscan in the States and quite a lot of his work is on masculine spirituality. You could look at if you're interested. I'm a big fan, for what it's worth...
    in friendship, Blair